Don’t miss May highlights on Tiny Expats!

May is here and here’s the plan. First of all, I will keep up my regular features, as usual, you can check out the dates of the posts and topics I will be writing about below. Second, as I decided here that I will take it easy, so forgive me for occasionally missing deadlines ;)

As in April, I will continue writing for Easy Expat/ Blog Expat:

– 1st Thursday of the month (7th May) – an article for Russian speaking expats about living in China; some general info about moving to this country with useful links plus a story about Russian expats already settled there.

– 2nd and 4th Fridays (8th and 22nd May) of the month will be dedicated to my blog in English, Expat Kids, where I will be discussing expat kids and TCK issues with fellow expat moms. For the previous posts, published in April, please, click here and here. Expat moms willing to share their experience and have an interview featured on Blog Expat – contact me and I will get back to you!

My blog event, Show Your World, is now a monthly feature. I also decided to change the day from Saturday to Friday as I noticed from my Stats page that I get smaller visitor numbers over weekends. Now you can find my story on TinyExpats on the 1st Friday of the month (1st May) and you can link up your posts to it up until the 3rd Friday (15th May), when I will be posting the round up. I will share you stories on my blog and my social networks. You can have a look at April’s round up here.

As for my Wanderlust Projects:

1st Monday (4th May) is the usual day for my Hidden Gems project. As the summer season is starting, let me tell you about a wonderful open air theatre in London.

2nd Monday (11th May) – Travel Diary series. I will write about our trip to Groeningen, Holland.

3rd Monday (18th May) is reserved for Trailing Spouse Stories blog crawl. Join me and other expat ladies reflecting on our experiences.

4th Monday (25th May) is a Family Affair day. After a series of posts about HK (here’s the last one), it’s time to move on to Singapore.

Whenever I have time, I will be posting more stories about our time in Pardubice and travel around Czech Republic.

As usual, I’ll do my best not to forget blog events hosted by fellow bloggers. My plans are to participate in Writer’s Quote Wednesday, Every Day Mum and Pic’n’Post.

I hope, you’ll all find something interesting for you on TinyExpats this month! If you have a story to tell about expat kids or travelling with kids and wish to have it published on my blog in a Guest Blogger section – let me know!


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