I had a lot of fun writing this blog and now I started getting in touch with other bloggers and expats, who have invited me to write for them as a guest blogger or a freelancer.

I am a regular contributor to and their blog portal, writing for my blogs there  – ‘Expat Kids’ (in English) and ‘About Expats In Russian’. I will be reposting the links here.

My article about travelling with kids to Shanghai was published in a Russian magazine My Baby and I (Мой Кроха и Я).

Links to my articles published on other websites:

My 6 tips for emigrating with children on

You’ve arrived! Now what? on

Our Dental Adventures on

Introduction on

An enlightening experience of giving birth in Moscow on

5 reasons to enjoy life in Czech Republic on

Obvious and unexpected benefits of living as an expat in Shanghai on

I wrote as a guest blogger for the following blogs:

Expat parenting: Tiny Expats taking big steps for

Where’re my children’s roots? for

My socialisation helpers for

A friend and a husband for (for Couples series)

Amy Ola Öge for (for She-logy series)

You can also read some more about my family and myself in these interviews on Expats Blog and on BlogExpat.

If you have any questions, you can send me a message on Facebook (TinyExpats page), Twitter and Instagram – @tinyexpats.


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