Where are my children’s roots?

I’d like to thank Ann, for hosting me as a guest blogger. I can relate to what she writes on her blog – we also have kids, who are growing up away from their home country. Ann asked me to write about our kids’ sense of identity – where are their roots? What would they call home and how would they describe themselves?

Let’s start by saying that even I have no idea, which country should be called ‘the’ home country for them. Their mom is Ukrainian (with some family members in Russia), their dad is Russian (with some family members in Ukraine), the older one was born in Germany and then lived for approximately similar amounts of time in China, Russia and CZ. The younger one now lived for almost the same time in CZ as in Russia, where she was born. They have grandparents in Russia and China. And, to make the already complicated situation even more fun, officially they are British (their dad lived in UK for a very long time). When asked ‘where do you come from?’, even I have a problem of forming a short answer.

I wrote this post for Grubbs n Critters, please, click the link below to read the rest of the story.

Where are my children’s roots?.


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