Expat parenting: Tiny Expats taking big steps

Thank you, Baby Globetrotters, for featuring this interview with me :)

Baby Globetrotters

From Europe to China and back again 

Our Global Parenting series is back and today we are exploring the expat world through the eyes of Yuliya, a Ukrainian born mum of two currently living in the Czech Republic but a serial expat for the last 10 years.  She is the author behind her own blog Tiny Expats as well as the editor of Expat Kids Blog on BlogExpat.com.

Yuliya takes us back to where her expat journey began in London and the ins and outs of giving birth abroad.

Tiny Expats Interview | Global Parenting | BabyGlobetrotters.Net

BG: Tell us about your background, where are you and your husband from originally and how did you end up as expats?

Y: My husband and I became expats pretty early.  I went to the UK from Ukraine to study at 17 and he was sent to a boarding school there at age 12. We met in London…

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