Disneyland and Macao – all ages welcome!

I’ve already written about our trip to HK Disneyland with our two tiny expats, drawing up a list of tips for a trip from our experience. You can check it out here. Now, you can read my sister’s story about visiting Disneyland and Macao – all easily reachable and must see, if you happen to visit HK.

Disneyland – not only for kids

Daytime: Everyone knows that Disneyland is the best place to have fun with kids, to feel yourself participating in favorite cartoons and movies and it is fact. My sister can say more about daytime entertainment with small kids, I should just say that although Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest one (at least it has been) it is worth visiting to relax and have a good family time.

Disneyland is not only for kids! And there are several factors that make me say it. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland during Halloween celebrations, stay at their hotels to experience recreation center and feel so good just walking around their parks or having breakfast with Mickey and Minnie. For those adults, who are still in touch with their inner kid – you will love it!

Halloween: Spend your autumn Halloween holidays at Disneyland. Yes, it is not a mistake! Have you ever seen your favorite Disney characters wearing scary clothes, have you ever enjoyed your evening in Disneyland with Nightmare Before Christmas heroes, have you ever climbed Tarzan tree at dusk? And many many other things! Just come and compare daytime parade full of princesses and joy and evening Halloween one with zombies and skeletons.

Funny breakfast: After spending your evening at a scary Disneyland you would like to wake up at their Hotel situated in a quiet Park nearby British style pier. Experience nice breakfast with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.

Relax in a park: Make a promenade along the seashore with adorable view and around an almost empty park with lots of green sculptures of such characters as Lion King. Visit hotel’s labyrinth, get lost and escape from it like you are a super hero or imagine if you are in the 19th century and having fun nearby your castle with Alice (one from Wonderland) and some famous lords.

Macao – not only for adults

Macao – land of casinos and permanent fun. Asian Las Vegas which even has it’s own Venetia Hotel with it’s own canals and everything the real Las Vegas has on offer. It may seem that Macao is only for 21+ visitors, but this is not the case. While we were seating at the airport in Shanghai and waiting for departure, my parents asked me to find some interesting shows staging in Hong Kong. I’ve decided to check Cirque Du Soleil website and found out that they have a permanent show in Macao called Zaya. We came to Hong Kong and next day took a ferry to Macao. We’ve only spent one evening there (don’t miss your evening ferry back to Hong Kong), but the show was amazing and it is definitely worth going there, although you might choose to stay there for several days even with kids, as they might want to see other shows as well. Anyway, if you only have several days in Hong Kong then do the same thing: book tickets for Zaya, ferry and ferry back (ask for the right ferry, the one coming closer to Venetia Hotel).


  1. I didn’t realize that there was a cirque de soleil show in Macao! Makes me want to go (also the gambling hahah). I am a Disney park fan to the max and my husband and I used to have annual passes to Anaheim Disneyland way before we had our daughter. :)

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