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I’ve already written for this blog event about one of my most favourite places in Crimea (you can have a look here) and today I decided to take you to this part of the world again. As this land is now a disputed territory, after being annexed by Russia, I’m not sure whether many of you would venture out there any time soon, so I might as well show you all its beauty at least on my blog.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens, founded in 1812 by the shores of the Black Sea. This location is actually the third one the founders tried, the previous two were found not suitable enough for some of the exotic plants and the current place happened to be just perfect, wrapped by the mountains protecting the garden from northern winds, with just enough sunshine and rainfall. Nowadays, contains more than 50,000 specimens of various plants.

All those facts are impressive, of course, but you don’t even have to know them, when you get there – just the views of the sea and mountains, the walkways lined by giant trees and fragrant flowers, old statues and buildings remaining from the time this land was governed by Russian Emperors – no matter how often you go there, you always feel the urge to go back.

It’s always nice to plan your visit in accordance with seasonal exhibitions they have, different months showcase different flowers in bloom, making your experience even more interesting. For example, here’s an array of tulips grown in Nikitsky Botanical Garden every April. Some of the sorts were selected and introduced by the local specialists.

Crimea is such a wonderful place that has so much on offer – mountains, plains, rivers, waterfalls, salt lakes and, of course, the sea. Once the situation with its status becomes a bit more certain, I do hope that some of you might put it on your list of places to see!


  1. I’ve always loved gardens. Nikitsky BG looks like a very nice one, all the colours of the spring flowers are stunning:)

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  2. (I inserted a ping back to my post scheduled in a few hours. Will also add it here once it’s online :) Thanks again for this great blog event!

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