Show Your World – Yalta

First of all, hello and welcome to the first entry of Show Your World event! Looking forward to reading about your favourite corners of the Earth ;)

Here’re the main guidelines:
– tell us about an interesting place – it can be somewhere in your home country or a destination that you visited
– instead of giving us facts about this location, use your words to show it to us – the way it looks, sounds, smells, conveying its atmosphere

Let’s make the entries pretty short – up to 300 words, but I won’t be very strict about it. Photos are welcome, but not a must.

I will publish my own story every Saturday and everybody’s welcome to either place a ping back to this post or share your link in a comment below. I would collect these links from Saturday until Monday evening (let’s say 8pm CET) and then post a round up on Tuesday, sharing all the links and short descriptions of submitted stories. I will also share the links and images on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Make sure that you add ShowYourWorld tag to your entries, so that others can easily find you.

You can use this badge on your blog or on the post, which you submit:


Today I’d like to take you to one of my favourite places ever – a tiny village nearby Yalta, Crimea, Black Sea coast. We used to go there every summer, spending time with my parents, my sister and my kids.

Black Sea gets very rough during winters, that’s the time of the year, when it really looks black. Constant winds make the sea level rise, water covering the beach completely, but during the summer it’s a complete different story. Sometimes early in the morning it is as still as a mirror, being broken only by a pod of dolphins playfully jumping near the shore.
I would’ve taken you to our balcony, where we would sit on wicker chairs, drinking coffee (or wine?) and looking out towards the deep blue sea and emerald mountains. From time to time you eyes could catch a sight of herons flying to catch a fish and going back to their nests in a thick grove nearby. It might be hot, but the sea breeze makes it so much better – it smells of iodine, the natural smell of the Black Sea, given to it by a type of local seaweed. Mixing with iodine are smells of pine trees and lavender, growing in the front garden. Coming here by a plane and then driving for about two hours across the mountains is like travelling from the real world into a magical land, it least for me it seems this way.
In the evening, when the sun hides behind the mountains, take a walk towards the sea down a trail, shaded with magnolias, pine trees, acacias and strawberry trees, with grape vines climbing up the barks here and there.
And when the night falls, lay down on the pebbles by the sea, still warm from the afternoon sun, and watch the falling stars…








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