Don’t miss June highlights on TinyExpats!

It’s still only +16C here, but the calendar says it’s almost June. Although, I don’t really feel like we’re approaching summer, I can at least put together a list of June highlights, which you could look forward to on TinyExpats.

As usual, my Wanderlust Projects are coming up every Monday:

– 1st of June, Hidden Gems, taking you to Oxfordshire, UK, for some wining, dining and great countryside experience

– 8th of June, Travel Diary, telling you a story about visiting the Great Wall of China

– 15th of June, Trailing Spouse Stories, sharing experiences with other trailing spouses

– 22nd of June, Family Affair, continuing Singapore series (May’s entry is delayed as my sister just finished taking her exams and I can’t blame her for prioritising and studying instead of blog writing)

Don’t forget about my monthly blog event Show Your World:

– on Friday, 5th of June, I will post a prompt post about my part of the world (see an example here, just don’t link to that post anymore!); you would then have two weeks to write your post or link up an existing one, fitting the event’s rules, to the new prompt post; if you would like to get a reminder on Twitter, when I post the prompt, leave you Twitter ID in the comments;

– on Friday, 19th June, I will post a Round Up, sharing all the participating entries on my blog and on my social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

I will also post my regular features on

– on Thursday, 4th of June, I will publish a post in the About Expats in Russian section, discussing benefits and relocation issues to yet another destination

– on Fridays, 12th and 26th of June, you can find discussions with expat mothers in the Expat Kids section; if you’re an expat mother and still haven’t contacted me about participating in this project – please, do leave me a message here in the comments and I will get back to you with some questions about your experiences!

In between those dates, I will post more about our life in Pardubice, add to Pardubice Directory and travel around Czech Republic, so stay tuned!

P.S. Don’t forget that I have a Guest Blogger section on TinyExpats! If you think, you’ve got a story, fitting the general theme of my blog (expat life, travel and kids), let me know – I will be happy to welcome you as a Guest Blogger!


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