In love with the Beatles in St. John’s Wood

St. John’s Wood is an area where I spent quite a lot of time during my student years. I lived in Maida Vale, then around Baker Street and a couple of my best friends lived (and still do in St. John’s Wood). This is a place I like to come back to when I’m in London.

Since we moved back to UK, we’ve already managed to go on day trips to London a couple of times, to visit our friends and have some fun with the kids (you can read here about our day with the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum). As I went out with the girls for a girly afternoon in St. John’s Wood, I decided to snap some of my favourite spots for Tiny Expats blog :)

First and foremost, St. John’s Wood is famous for it’s Abbey Road Studios. Need I tell you why the studios are so famous? Beatles, of course!

Abbey Road Studios

Yes, this is where the magic happened and those beautiful Beatles hits were recorded! Now it’s a mecca for the Beatles fans. Graffiti is not only allowed, but encouraged on this site (although, you can’t rest with the knowledge that you left your message for the future generations – the walls are repainted on a regular basis, giving chance for other tourists to leave their mark).

There’re always a lot of tourists around the studios and writing on the walls is not the only activity available to them. Remember this album cover?


Yes, everybody has to cross Abbey Road on that exact crossing and have a photo taken. In all of my years spent in London, I never got around to do this. Actually, I did cross this road loads of times on my way to uni or work, but I never had a photographic evidence of it. This time, me trying to be a blogger and all, it had to be done!

Abbey Road

Yay! The photo’s taken from an opposite side, but the crossing is the same, so that still counts!

This mass road crossing usually means that there’s a long line of traffic waiting on both sides while tourists are walking up and down, but you know what they said:

Abbey Road Beatles

So the drivers are patiently waiting (quietly swearing under the noses) in the name of Love and Beatles.

Now, after all the wall writing and road crossing you might be getting hungry. My suggestion would be to take a short walk to St. John’s Wood High Street and get some delicious pub food in the Duke of York.

Duke of York

It’s always quite busy, so you might want to book a table in advance if you’re coming over at peak hours, but you can always try your luck without a booking and (worst case scenario) wait at the bar. It gets pretty busy, but the food is really good! If it’s Sunday, go for Sunday roast, but any other day lamb or fish cakes are a wonderful choice.

If you decide to take this Abbey Road Studios – St. John’s Wood High Street – delicious Duke of York route, let me know how you like it!




  1. Even though I’m not a Beatles fan, this was still really interesting! :D Since you’re an expat living nearby, it must be great to be able to see this on a daily basis. :D

    Thanks for sharing this for #ExpatTuesday!

    Liked by 1 person

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