Show Your World: Lomonosov Moscow State University

For March ‘Show Your World’, I decided to take you to Moscow. If you saw any photos of Moscow, you’ve probably seen a photo of particularly outstanding buildings from Stalin’s era, usually referred to as Stalin’s high-rises. There’re seven of them around the city and two were planned but never built. One of such Stalin’s high-rises houses the main campus of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The university itself was founded thanks to Ivan Shuvalov (the first ever Russian Minister of Education, who worked a lot to improve the situation with education and arts) and Mikhail Lomonosov (Russian scientist, who definitely deserves a separate blog post – his life was just amazing, look him up, if I got you interested ;). They promoted they idea and finally got support of Russian Empress Elisabeth, who  decreed its establishment on the 25th of January 1755. (Ever since, this date is celebrated as a Students’ Day in Russia).

Of course, the original main campus of the University was situated in a different building back then. The one you see above was built in 1953 on Sparrow Hills following Stalin’s order. This building used to be the tallest one in Europe till 1990. 240m tall, 36 floors, 5,000 rooms and 33km of corridors – impressive, isn’t it?

My sister recently visited the campus and tried not to get lost, navigating those endless corridors. She kindly sent me some photos to share – winter days are short, hence it looks like she’s been there in the middle of the night :)

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