Stunning views and tasty food in the White Hart Inn (Warwickshire)

As promised, I’m starting a Family Friendly Pubs section on Tiny Expats. We love traditional English pubs that we can visit with our kids and I decided to share with you some of the wonderful places we already found (if you know of a great pub that we should try – let me know in the comments!).

First in this series (and my favourite at the moment) is the White Hart Inn in Ufton, Warwickshire. What’s so special about it? For starters, the views. Oh, wait, better this way – THE VIEWS. It is situated on a hill, which means that from its terrace you can see far across the countryside.

It was still too chilly for us to eat outside, but I can already imagine what a wonderful summer evening it could be!

The pub itself looks very cute, with an old village church serving as a backdrop.

Inside it’s an interesting mix of traditional pub features and modern design.

Our girls really liked the White Hart Inn. It was beautiful, cosy and (last but not least) they were free to play and dance around – everyone was very friendly there.


I cannot say about all of the menu they serve, but we really enjoyed what we ordered – burgers, red velvet and chocolate cakes.

If you’re a fan of country walks, there’re a couple of Blue Lias Rings Walks in a near proximity to the White Hart Inn. What could be better than hot meal after getting some fresh air?

We came to the White Hart Inn for an early dinner, so had no problem getting a table. However, if you plan to come at a busier hour, I’d recommend booking a table. Also, have a look at their opening times – otherwise, you might come when the food is not served!

Official website of the White Hart Inn (Ufton).

P.S. If you’re a Russian speaker (or you just don’t mind commentaries in Russian), you can see the White Hart Inn in a video we made for our vlog here.


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