Coming up on Tiny Expats in March!

Yay! It’s spring already! Although, winter in UK has been pretty mild this year, I still can’t wait for warmer weather. Let me tell you what I have lined up for you in March – lots of travel with kids stories, some expat/relocation tips and tales, more about our home county of Warwickshire and random stuff in between :)

Now, let’s have a look at my (pretty busy) plan in more detail:

  • Strolling around St. John’s Wood, London – I loved in this area during my student days and it was really nice to revisit it recently
  • Butterfly Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon – we visited it with the girls and found that it’s actually a great place to go to, especially if it’s really rainy and cold outside :)
  • Exploring Warwick – cute little old houses and impressive St. Mary’s Church; we all fell in love with this historical town!
  • Warwick Castle – such a wonderful place to visit with kids! We spent half a day there and are definitely coming back!
  • Regents Park – my most favourite park in London, a place, where I used to spend most of my time as a student (luckily, my college was situated right in the heart of it!)
  • Packing and shipping for my Relocation With Kids Tips section – what should you place in your luggage or send in a container?

Show Your World link up is coming up this Friday, March the 4th. Let me know, if you need a reminder on Twitter – I’d love to read about one of your favourite places! This month, we will be linking up on Girl Gone London blog, but I will post a prompt on Tiny Expats as well.

I’m also starting a new series of reviews – Family Friendly Pubs. We love going with kids for a pub meal, if we are out and about, but it has to be a nice pub. What do I mean by ‘nice’? Well, I wouldn’t take my kids to a crowded place, the food should be tasty and a relaxing atmosphere is preferable. If the pub has some special features or a beautiful view – even better! We found several wonderful pubs around Warwickshire already and decided to set out on a quest to find even more – so watch this space!

I hope, I got you interested and will see you on Tiny Expats in March!


  1. I love Spring too, and you’ve managed to make me feel even more excited about its arrival! Used to live in Warwickshire, but have few memories – they all seem to involve puddles for some reason?

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