Visiting the Natural History Museum in London with Tiny Expats!

NaturalHistorymuseumLast weekend we went to one of my most favourite museums – Natural History Museum in London! I always enjoyed it, when I used to live in London and to go there now with my kids – that’s even more enjoyable :)

Our younger daughter turned 3 recently and, as she’s such a big fan of dinosaurs, we decided to go to the Natural History Museum to show her how big they actually were. Unfortunately, her sister got sick, so we had to postpone the trip. You can read here, what we did instead.

Finally, the right day came for us to go to London (which is about 2 hours drive for us from Royal Leamington Spa). It was the last weekend of half term, so you can imagine how packed the place was! You can take the normal queues of weekend visitors and tourists and double it. If you’re not just coming over to London as a tourist, but actually live somewhere nearby and are planning to visit the Natural History Museum several times a year, you should seriously consider becoming a member. Of course, you can enter the museum for free, but a member’s card will grant you fast track entrance to the museum and popular installations (like a dino one), free entry to any special exhibitions (which you would otherwise have to pay for), discount at cafes and souvenir shops and many other perks. You can find out more about the membership on the museum’s website.


The dinosaurs were the stars of our program! We talked with our 6 year old about dinosaurs’ food, protection and attack techniques, how they lived and discussed theories why they disappeared. The 3 year old just walked around with her mouth opened. Especially, when she saw the T-Rex.

The next most favourite exposition was the Mammals. I must say, it’s very impressive even for adults to see a great 30 meter whale suspended from the ceiling! Comparing to elephants and rhinos to whales was a fun activity :)


The Earth exhibition with sections focusing on earthquakes and volcanos was slightly lost on our 3 year old, I guess, we would have to revisit it at some later time :)

If you’re a Russian speaker, you can have a look at our vlog from this trip here.

We’re definitely going back to the Natural History Museum with our girls – it’s such a wonderful place for a day out with the kids AND they actually learn a lot from it! Did you take your kids to visit the Natural History Museum? What was their favourite exhibit?

Seychelles Mama


  1. It looks amazing!! We were just talking about taking the kids there this summer!! Arthur will be 3 in June and I know he would love the dinosaurs as well!
    Did you just day trip to London from Leamington Spa or did you stay overnight? We were trying to decide whether it was a feasible trip or not!?

    Thanks for sharing this great trip with #myexpatfamily and happy birthday to your littlest lady :)

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    • Thank you :) We went there just for a day – driving to London around lunch time, so that the kids could take their afternoon nap (took us about 2 hours). We drove back after 8pm, so kids fell asleep for the night – we just took them out of the car and brought to beds at home. I guess it would be more relaxed if you stayed overnight as your little ones are even younger (ours are 6 and 3), but totally doable in one day.

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  2. It is a great place for children, we have not yet been to see the updated Dino exhibit but the EE Children loved the new human evolution exhibits when we went a few weeks ago.

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