Discovering Jephson Gardens in Royal Leamington Spa

As we’re slowly getting used to our life in Warwickshire, we’re spending our days off venturing out and discovering what our new home is like. Royal Leamington Spa became popular in the 19th century thanks to Dr. Henry Jephson, who promoted the healing properties of the local water, and you can see a lot of landmarks related to that ‘spa’ status.


Leamington gardens were originally laid out at the request of the land owner, Edward Willes, in 1834. They were accessible to the public for free in the mornings and the rest of the day it was free entry for the customers of a nearby spa, everyone else had to pay an entry fee. Later, the gardens were rented out to the local council and renamed The Jephson Gardens in 1846. Edward Willes got a memorial in his name to thank him for giving Leamington such wonderful gardens.


Today Jephson Gardens are a great place to go to with the kids. The Gardens are really well tended to and have some interesting features. There’s a lake with some geese and ducks to feed – that’s always the first thing we have to do, when we go to the park with my girls. The birds look pretty well fed, lazily chilling in the water, but the girls are still worried whether the little birdies had enough.


There’s a Sensory Garden with a xylophone and some fun walkways for kids. Gardens’ cafe, the Aviary, is really cute in its retro look, tucked away between the trees. Great spot to stop over and have some snacks.

2016-02-26 12.29.19

One of the most interesting spots to visit in the Gardens is the Glass House, which is free for anyone. Apart from being a great place to warm up during cold winter walks, it’s just really pretty inside with all the tropical plants and a koi fish pond. You can read info boards about the trees that you can find here. My tiny expats love spending some time inside the Gardens, spotting peculiar leaves or flowers.

Although, the Gardens already have quite a lot of flowers blooming around the grounds, I can’t wait till spring to see it in its full glory. Will post about it then as well :)

Travel Monkey


  1. Fortunately in your current location you certainly should never get our ‘warm’ days. Yesterday, 39c, today a cold snap, it’s only 27c and back you to only 30c tomorrow. We are waiting for a nice cold winter. At least our greens haven’t yet turned to brown thanks to our copious water supply from our own fresh water bore.

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    • That’s definetely another extreme – hope, you’ll get more cold snaps there :) When I used to live in Ukraine, we used to have really cold winters, but then the summer would come and it would be mainly above 30C and the greens would be brown by mid June.


  2. I do love a good visit to gardens, especially when it’s as sunny as your photos suggest! They can be great in winter as well as the warmer months. Can’t wait to see your spring/summer pics though.


  3. Shame on me! I’ve never been to Royal Leamington Spa! The gardens look fantastic for kids, I know Monkey would love it here. Mmm maybe a trip this summer! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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