Toy Museum in Prague

I already started telling you about our day trip to Prague (click here for the photos of our walk around the Prague Castle). After walking across most of that old city area, we finally got to the Toy Museum (on Jirska Street, nearby Zlata Ulicka). We were all pretty excited entering the courtyard. There was an entrance with ‘Museum’ written clearly on top of it. Once we got in, we were greeted with a staircase, leading up a small tower. A 6 year old, a 2 year old, a stroller and me. I really hoped, after we spiralled what I counted as the 2nd floor, that it is indeed the right entrance and that the museum is coming up just around another corner. Yes and no. It was the correct entrance, but we had to go a couple more floors up till we reached the museum itself.

On a positive point – once we did get into the museum, it was all great fun. Such a wonderful collection of old toys! My girls loved it and, frankly speaking, even I felt like picking all of them up and playing for a while :) My older daughter especially loved a display with lots of different dolls – she said, she imagines, how she could walk into that display and get into their world. She looked mesmerised :)

One floor up (this time we could leave a stroller in a museum’s reception) is an exhibition of Barbies – a very extensive collection from each decade starting in the 50s. Their facial features looked so weird at that time :)

Just wanted to mention as well that as we left the museum, we decided to have some drinks and cakes in a cafe in the courtyard. We had a coffee, a hot chocolate, a juice and two pieces of cake – this costed me 2,5 times more than I paid for a full hot lunch with chicken, potatoes, cheese, drinks and deserts for both girls and myself in a safari park in Dvur Kralove. This is an old Prague for you :)

All in all, can definitely recommend visiting Toy Museum in Prague with the kids and without, just keep in mind that in order to get to this magical place you will need to climb up a not very magical tower!

If you enjoyed reading about Prague’s Toy Museum, have a look at Maria Holm’s post about Toy Museums she visited in different countries – such a great round up!


  1. Your daughter looks like a sweet doll herself watching the scene of dolls from an ancient time. ( my mother had a porcelain doll in her childhood in the 1920s similar to one of those in the case. )

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