Photos from a day trip to Prague

Recently, I decided to take my girls on a day trip to Prague. I think, by now, after 2.5 months alone with 2 kids, I became a daredevil of a mother – how much more can I manage on my own? I already went with my tiny expats on a two day trip to a safari park in a neighbouring town and learnt that I can actually travel with two small kids while retaining some sanity, plus a change of scenery is always welcome.

Anyways, we took a train to Prague. It only takes an hour from our town and the girls love going on a train, so the journey goes pretty easy.

Our main plan was to visit a Toy Museum, but in order to get there you have to walk through Prague Castle, an old town area with lots of beautiful buildings and wonderful narrow winding streets. This was just perfect – I get to walk around one of my favourite cities and the girls get to visit a museum, which they actually really want to visit (not like some boring old pictures or statues, naturally). A taxi took us right up to the Prague Castle and we were welcomed with a great view of Prague from the top of a hill.

My youngest one fell asleep and slept through most of the walk via old cobbled streets (not sure how she managed to do that as our stroller was pretty much jumping up and down on those stones).

We made videos for my older daughter’s YouTube channel – she really wanted to show everyone that city view and gargoyles on top of St. Vitus Cathedral. I won’t write much about this area (Wikipedia, obviously, has all the facts), but just look at some of the pictures we took – the place is a fairytale!



  1. Great pictures! We are actually taking our 2 tiny expats (though not as tiny as yours) to Prague next month so you’ve given me some great ideas of things to check out while we are there! #ExpatLifeLinky

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