Helping your expat child to stay grounded

How can you help your expat kids to stay grounded and appreciate the perks of expat life without taking them for granted?Quite often, becoming expats means that we change not only our location, but our lifestyle as well. Having perks, like house help, luxury housing or extra income, is definetely enjoyable, but how do you explaine to your kids that this is not a permanent situation? How can you help them to stay grounded and appreciate these things without taking them for granted?

I talked to an expat mother, Capin, who moved to Jamaica from USA with her husband and an 8 year old, pursuing career opportunities. How does she manage adjusting to this new life and how is her kid coping?

1. Please, tell us about your daughter (how old she is, where she was born and how old she was when you relocated).

I’m the lucky mom of a quick-witted, charming and highly adaptable 8 year old named Lucki. I know, confusing… I’m lucky and she is Lucki. As an infant and toddler she moved quite a bit but always within the United States. It was in the US where she started preschool, made friends, cried tears the first day of kindergarten (me, not her). Just after Lucki’s 7th birthday we packed up and headed to Jamaica for the career opportunity of a lifetime.

You can read the rest of this interview on my Expat Kids blog on Blog Expat

If you want to read more about Capin’s expat family experience, visit her blog – Expat Capi.

If you’re an expat parent and would like to have an interview featured on Expat Kids on Blog Expat and in Relocation with Kids Tips section on Tiny Expats, please, let me know in the comments here and I will get back to you with some questions! ;)

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