Park near Pardubicky Zamek (Tyršovy Sady)

Within this year an a half that we lived in Pardubice, we saw a lot of improvements done around the town. After almost a year of intense road works, Trida Miru, Pardubice’s main street, looks a lot better and is a great place for pedestrians and cyclists. We also really like a park Na Spici, which got a real makeover, including a funky bridge and a very cool playground (you can have a look at it here and here).

We spent last weekend exploring another park that benefited from EU funded improvements. I already posted here about Pardubice’s Castle. It is surrounded by a lovely park, which is very close to where we live, so you would’ve thought that we spent a lot of time there, but that’s not the case. The reason for that being that at first we didn’t really like it. There was no playgrounds there, the pathways were really old, uneven with puddles and hard to navigate patches for people with strollers. After a mere drizzle they would get very muddy. Basically, it was a nice place, which was greatly neglected. Then, last summer, it was all fenced up and the works started, with a sign saying that they should be done by mid summer 2015. As it often happens, any kind of refurbishment or road works tend to last longer than planned, so they finished in mid autumn 2015, but better later then never, right? :)

This park is really great now! There’s a lovely central alley, already full of mommies with strollers and small kids running around. There’s a cafe waiting to be opened, I guess, they would need a bit more time to set everything up, but the location is great. It is also made with lots of glass and mirror panels, so all the trees and lawns reflect of its walls, lending it their bright colours. There’s a playground, which stretches for ages, full of climbing places made of wood. All the grounds were evened out, new lawns, pathways, benches. Old spring, which was almost impossible to see, because of all the weed, is now running free crossed by several tiny bridges. My girls just loved it and I’m very happy to have such a beautiful park nearby our home.

We were also very lucky with the weather, so here’s a selection of photos for you – enjoy the beauty of golden autumn days ;)


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