Catching last days of Indian Summer in the Park na Špici, Pardubice, CZ

Join us on a walk around Park na Špici in Pardubice, CZ. Catching the last days of Indian Summer!We already had a spell of cold and rainy weather, reminding us that autumn is finally here, but then came Indian Summer. Not sure about you, but I always have a bitter sweet feeling, when it comes. It’s sunny and hot and almost like summer, but just almost. You do realise that air is cooler. The wind feels fresher. The air smells different. And then there’s this touch of gold in the leaves. The summer is finished, no matter how hard you try not to notice.

On one of the hottest days, we went with the girls to the Park na Špici. It’s been recently renovated and they’ve done a really good job. My girls’ favourite place is the playground (of course). It’s really big, with lots of fun places to climb up, hang from, hide in or crawl around.

Another favourite is a river side. You can sit on a deck and just enjoy the view. There’s also a rowing club just a bit up the river, so sometimes you can witness rowing competitions going on.

They have a great BBQ area, which is under a roof, so you don’t have to be afraid about weather conditions on the day of your picnic. Right next to it is a small kids function room. Don’t forget to book these facilities in advance!

Even if you don’t have kids and are not planning any parties, there’s plenty for you to do – sport grounds, paths suitable for cycling, inline skating, skate boarding or just simply strolling. And plenty of green around..

If you’re planning a day out in the Park na Špici, you can find more info on their website. You can also find more photos of this park in my earlier post about our spring walk.


  1. […] Within this year an a half that we lived in Pardubice, we saw a lot of improvements done around the town. After almost a year of intense road works, Trida Miru, Pardubice’s main street, looks a lot better and is a great place for pedestrians and cyclists. We also really like a park Na Spici, which got a real makeover, including a funky bridge and a very cool playground (you can have a look at it here and here). […]


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