Weeks before relocation – revisiting all the favourite places

Before yet another relocation (this time to UK), we are revisiting our favourite places around Pardubice, CZ, a town, which was our home for a year.

Every time we relocated (from UK – to Germany – to China – to Russia – to Czech Republic) we were glad we were doing it. Taking the next step, continuing our journey, pursuing new goals. However, no matter how certain you are about the next move, just before the relocation, you might feel nostalgic about the place you’re about to leave behind.

We’re excited about our upcoming move to UK, we lived there before and had a great time at that, we have lots of friends from our student years and won’t have to deal with a language barrier, but we loved living in and discovering our current home town, Pardubice, and Czech Republic as a whole. Before my husband left to UK, he had some time between jobs, so we kind of had a holiday together, revisiting our favourite places around Pardubice.

One of the most favourite days out for our girls is a visit to a local farm (read more about it here). My husband and I love it as well, because of the scenery that we get to enjoy. The farm is located in a tiny village and you’d need to drive through fields and forests to get there. Sometimes, we would stop over on our way and just come out for a stroll – the smell of those fields is amazing! This is something you really miss out on, if you live in a city.

Another place that we just had to revisit – a medieval castle, Kuneticka Hora (read a post I wrote about it before here). This place is so much more than a landmark (although, you can learn a lot about the area’s historic past in a museum inside of the castle). The views from the top of the hill are breathtaking – the location of the castle is chosen really well; this is the only tall hill in the middle of a plain terrain, great both for defending the stronghold and (more importantly for us nowadays) enjoying the view.

Kids can also interact with animals – ostriches, goats, deers (if they’re lucky, they can feed and touch some of them). Our older daughter really likes trying her hand at shooting a crossbow. She wishes she could try a longbow, but she would need to grow a little taller for this one, as currently a longbow is longer than her :)

Now my husband is already in UK, we sold our car (so no more driving to the countryside) and we are busy visiting all our favourite streets in Pardubice’s old town. Will post about that later!

P.S. I usually post lots of photos on our @tinyexpats Instagram account. If you’re on Instagram and still not following our journey, why don’t you come over and say hi? ;)

P.P.S. I recently wrote about opening an account on Pinterest and learning what to do with it. Did you notice all those Pinterest-friendly images I’m including into my posts now? So, if you like a post, you’re more than welcome to pin it! (Yes, I know, I’m being cheeky here – you don’t have to pin anything, unless you like it, of course :)

Seychelles Mama


  1. I totally know what you mean about feeling nostalgic before you even leave!! It’s like you’ve got to take it all in one last time, almost like saying goodbye to a friend!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with #myexpatfamily I’m sure all us expats can really relate to this! X

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  2. It’s hard isn’t it – you know you’re making the right move but just before you leave you suddenly feel really nostalgic! I hate that in between time but it won’t be long before you’re settled into your new home. Best of luck!


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