Solo trip to London, part 4 – Elegant Brunch & Ladies’ Afternoon

Here we come to the final part of the story about my trip to London, quite importantly – a solo trip, as my tiny expats stayed back home with their daddy. If you missed the rest of the story, you can find it here: The Beginning, Afternoon in English Countryside and A Night Out in Camden Town.

Final part of the story about a solo weekend in London - countryside afternoon and fun night out were followed by an elegant brunch and a ladies' afternoon.

As I mentioned before, the whole birthday weekend was planned as a surprise for the guests, so we had no idea what to expect. All I knew about Sunday afternoon that we had to look ‘elegant at brunch’. Even though we all went out the night before, I could feel that we’ve grown up since the last time we got together in such a company – ten years ago or so, looking elegant at brunch after a night out with the girls could’ve proven to be pretty hard. However, we all became a little more sensible and a tad more responsible, so everyone turned out looking pretty decent and practically not hungover. And good thing it was, because we all got to enjoy an amazingly tasty brunch, which took place in the Delaunay at Covent Garden. I’m not a big meat lover, but that lamb was so tender and mouthwatering, I had to finish it all! (By the way, if you do visit the Delaunay and if you’ve never been to Covent Garden before – by all means check out this area! One of my favourites in London. All the street performers, all those beautiful things sold at the market, cafes and little shops.. a must see!).

Even though the whole weekend was amazingly fun, my most favourite part came on Sunday afternoon, when we went out for drinks with my girlfriends, who I used to spend so much time with while living in London.  A lot has changed, but we still had fun just as we did years ago! We decided to start our girly afternoon with Magic Mike XXL (to start it off on the right note ;) and continued with some drinks at a local pub in St. John’s Wood. About two of my last years in London, I lived in Maida Vale, so this was like coming back home. If you’re ever in this area, don’t forget to visit Little Venice – a very romantic area with winding canals and canal boats. In the end, we went for a stroll along the streets of the neighbourhood and it was the perfect end to a weekend in London – my favourite places with my favourite friends!



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