Dragons and knights at Kunětická hora

If you happen to drive North from Pardubice, you’re bound to notice a beautiful site – an old medieval castle standing high on a hill above all the surrounding fields and villages. This is Hrad Kunětická hora.


It’s just a quarter of an hour drive away from Pardubice and I heard that some people even cycle there from the town, although to me, a super sporty person, it sounds like a heroic deed :) A small road will bring you to the parking almost at the base of the hill. The first time we went there, we decided to leave the stroller in the car, which we really regretted later – the hill only looks as an easy climb, but it is rather steep for a not-even-two-year-old toddler. So if any of you go there with small kids, keep this in mind, otherwise you could end up carrying the baby all the way up and around. Of course, it can be seen as a healthy work out, so the choice is yours :)

We’ve been to Kunětická hora several times and it always looked different and had something else to offer. The first time we came to see a gloomy medieval fortress with its fairytale inhabitants and a dragon.











On our second visit Kunětická hora greeted us with sunshine and a local wine festival :)





Anyone can try bow and cross-bow shooting there (although, for the smaller adventurers a bow is way too big). You can find the practice ground if you go right just before entering the castle gates.



Whenever you are planning to visit Kunětická hora, I’d suggest checking out what they have scheduled for that day. Unfortunately, their site is only in Czech at the moment (there’re little signs for English and German that do not work, but give hope that they would be available some time in the future), but google translate is always an option ;)

I’m pretty sure that after you are finished with exploring the Kunětická hora castle, you’d feel ready for lunch. Well, you’re in luck as just at the base of the hill there’re two rather good Czech restaurants. One of them boasts a large grill right in the middle of the room. The second one has a large playground outside and a fenced loan with goats and sheep, which my kids fed all their apples to.



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