English playgroup

Last Sunday, 2nd of November, we went to the opening day of an English Playgroup, located rather conveniently just next to the Autobusové Nádraží bus stop.



What I like the most about this place is flexibility. You can drop off your kid to play there for just a few hours when you need to do something by yourself or you can also sign up for a Monday to Friday full day attendance. The payment is flexible as well – quite a wide choice of payment packages starting from hourly pay, several days a month or a full ‘all included’ monthly payment. I’m also very excited to try a ‘parent’s night out’ option as they plan to stay open until 9:30pm once a month to give all those couples a chance to go on a date night :) You can find more information about the place
As they’ve just opened, let’s wish them luck and many new students :)

You could also arrange language classes with the same teachers (individual or group ones) at the Ahead Language Agency. The lessons take place on Sladkovskeho street. Find more info about the language school here


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