Let’s start learning Czech!

Ok, now you moved to the new place, sorted out the most urgent issues and feel like you are finally settling down. I have, of course, started this blog to post what information I have in English about expat family living in Pardubice, but I’ve always thought that to feel more comfortable at a new home it’s important to learn the native language at least to some extent. I have to say that this decision was put to a test in China, but you can always make learning fun :) I found websites that would explain the origins of the characters, which in most cases made it easier to memorize them. For example, did you know that the character ‘good’ is drawn as a woman inside a house – meaning that when a woman is at home everything is good :) I still don’t speak Chinese, but I could say some basic phrases and words to help me get by.

I visited several helpful websites for learning Czech, but recently I came across a really fun one (you can also download it as an app) – http://www.memrise.com (yes, memrise NOT memorize). It gives you various mems to remember the words by. It also prompts you (by email or app notifications) to go through the words you learnt before, so you don’t forget them. For example, one of the mem’s for the word ‘stryc’ (uncle) was:

I’m sorry, respectable Czech uncles, but now this image always jumps to my mind when I’m trying to remember this word :) I’ve also got to mention that Memrise works not just for Czech, but for many other languages and different topics, so give it a go!

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