Kindergarten finished – now what?

Last days in the CZ kindergarten came and went and now we're planning the next steps. Follow our relocation to UK on!The last day in the kindergarten is now behind us! After a couple of days of going crazy, trying to decide what to do for the last day party, we just made a simple choice – sugar overload. Usually, we try to avoid all those sugary drinks and foods, telling the kids what is healthy and what is not, but then, hey, occasional sugar rush can’t be so bad, right? So we brought lots of cakes and bubbly drinks and tried not to feel guilty for sending overdosed on sugar kids back home to their parents.


What next? Although, my husband would leave in about a month to start working, I would still have to stay behind with the kids, as I need to sort out my visa. We decided that during these months left before the move, she should go to the language school to get as much practice as possible. Kindergarten was good for communicating, but in the end she started to speak more Czech than English, and it’s English she would need to use soon.

I was in touch with the Warwickshire council and they told me that our daughter should go to Year 1. It’s possible for her to go to Reception, a year below, but I’m not sure about it – there will be 4 year old kids there and she’s turning 6 in September, so there would be quite a gap between them. Everyone says that kids adapt fast, I will just have to keep fingers crossed and continue taking her to English classes.

I was also given a list of schools with free places in Year 1, checked their Ofsted reports, called them to discuss a few initial questions. Those of you, living in UK, do you have any other advise, what else should I look for, when choosing a school?

So far, a catholic school made the best impression on us – Ofsted 2, good teacher to student ratio, smaller number of students in the school (so, hopefully, a more personal approach). I asked the head teacher, whether our daughter being an Orthodox Christian makes a difference, but he told me that it’s not a problem and they have non-Catholic kids attending the school already. What do you think of Catholic schools? Does the religious side of it affect the education in any way? My husband went to a Church of England boarding school and he said that the only reference to a religion was the kids attending church services, otherwise they had an hour a week of religious studies, which was not even compulsory.

So many questions, so many things to do – joys of another relocation :)


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