‘Defenders’ for Pic’n’Post


The clouds were gathering above horizon and the coming storm was almost like a reflection of the events unravelling at their feet. Still invisible to those behind the castle walls, first scouts of the enemy troops were already coming through the thick woods surrounding the castle’s hill. All rocky and steep, the hill itself was a formidable defence, adding to thick stone walls of the fortress. However, even these facts did not bring the desired sense of security – the army coming to them at a full speed was just too great for their small garrison. Sure, they had a deep well, going deep through the hard stone, reaching the underground spring below them, but how long would they last with the supplies that they had in the cellar? Two or three months? Would it be enough for the king’s army to finish off their campaign in the East and reach them? It was hard to tell, but they did not want to dwell on it. There was no point. All they could do now was go back inside the castle, close the iron gates and prepare for the siege.



I’ve written this short piece of fiction, inspired by the photo above, for the Pic’n’Post blog event hosted by the Journey of a Blogvelist. I took this picture near a Czech castle, called Kuneticka Hora. You can read more about this beautiful place here.

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