Going to a farm near Pardubice

Babiččin dvoreček is a cute little farm half an hour drive away from Pardubice. First of all, it’s a very beautiful drive there – through the neighbouring town Chrudim, fields, forests and horse breeding grounds.





The farm itself is not very big, but it has all the farm animals you’d tell you toddler about :) There’re ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, cows and pigs.  Kids enjoy feeding grass and apples to the goats and sheep, stroking the numerous cats, lounging around the farmyard, and the last time we went there they also made a slide with hay in a barn!




You can buy some local produce there. We like to get cookies made with local honey. They also sell various things made with the sheep wool from their farm. When you get hungry, there’re some snacks and drinks on offer. During our last visit there was some kind of a celebration, so they sold sausages, which could be fried on the fire they had right there in the yard. It definitely attracted a lot of visitors :)

You can check out their site. It’s in Czech, but you can see the address and a phone number in a Menu on the left. I usually call them to check their opening hours before going there, a person answering the phone could speak English.


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