Home for Photo101

It’s the first day on Photography 101 and the first assignment is all about Home. Now, for a serial expat that’s a controversial question. What is home? My home country, which I left 15 years ago? My current home, where I’ve been living for less than a year? For me, home is mainly about my family, people who I love. So I decided to snap my two tiny expats (my home, my everything) building a home of their own:


I also remembered that I’ve taken a picture before, which worked well to illustrate a home-related post:


And if you’d like to see some photos of our current home town, Pardubice, Czech Republic, you can have a look at this post.


  1. Love the little house photo with your daughter. It’s a perfect “home” because really, your family, wherever you are, is “home.” Or at least that’s the way I thought of it when I was wandering around the world.

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  2. I see that through this course I will be learning and seeing many different places and perspectives. So interesting. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your family

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  3. I can relate to this. We’ve been here for about six months, just moved into another flat, and I left my home country eight years ago. So, yes, home is all about the fella, the kiddo and the cat… Lovely photos :)

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  4. How wonderful! Home is where you are at in the present moment. Beautiful children and I love that they are making a home too. <3

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