La Porte Noire, Belgium

This month let me show you a Hidden Gem, which is suitable for parents only (we need occasional adult time as well, don’t we?).

What comes to your mind, when you hear ‘Brussels’? Among other things, I would think of waffles and beer, so when we visited our friends in Brussels in 2008, we just had to try those local specialities.

I’m sure you can find plenty of places to try Belgian waffles. We had them in an old cafe right on the main historical square, La Grand Place. Somehow, they taste even better while looking at such a view:



Impressive, isn’t it? But this square is hardly a Hidden Gem, more like the first place to visit in Brussels. What I’d like to tell you about is a bar, where we went to taste Belgian beer. Just so you know, I never liked beer, but that was before I discovered how many different tastes this drink could actually have.

La Porte Noire is a beer bar offering 100 types of Belgian beer (and for those of you interested in whisky – there’re 80 brands to choose from). Blond, amber, dark and so on and so forth. There’s no chance to taste every kind in one day, so ask a barman to advise you on what to have. Thanks to this visit, I discovered that Belgian cherry beer is the absolute favourite for me :)

However, La Porte Noire is interesting not only for its menu (which is impressive, of course), but for its location as well. It is situated in a 16th century cellar, which used to serve as a kitchen for the nuns. After being thoroughly refurbished, the bar still has a wonderful atmosphere provided by vaulted ceilings and dark wooden furniture.

You can get more info about La Porte Noire on their website.

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    • I hear that. It just does so much for the kids to get out of their small worlds that we tend to have in the US. We are leaving Thursday with our kids to travel around Costa Rica. No better way to learn about nature than to go to the rainforest. Love your blog, I have a lot to read!

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    • That sounds very interesting! If you feel like it, you can write for my Tiny Travellers project (see in Wanderlust Projects) on why you think travelling with kids is good for them and how your children benefited from their experience.


  1. Ah Brussels. What a beautiful city. At least it was in the late 70’s when I last visited. What comes to mind? Pommes Frites from street vendors, Walloon vs Flemesh, Crazy, aggressive drivers. the Atomium at the 1958 World’s Fair, Manneken Pis, bilingual street signs (Walloon & Flemesh).

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