Writer’s Quote Wednesday – John Lubbock

John Lubbock (1834-1913) was a very versatile individual – a banker being what we would call nowadays his ‘day job’, he wrote valuable books on archaeology, biology and ethnography. He helped to establish archaeology as a discipline and worked on an evolutional theory, which was similar to the one introduced by Darwin (Lubbock often discussed this matter with him).

I loved this quote as it shows that so much in our lives depends on our attitude:

Lubbock rectangular

How often do we all look at the same things and see different? I wish, this fact would only evoke peaceful debates, unfortunately, throughout history this was also a cause for more serious conflicts. The way we understand religion, freedom of speech, territorial issues and questions of a nationalism/patriotism – don’t we all see different things?

This post was written for Silver Threading‘s weekly challenge Writer’s Quote Wednesday.



  1. Your quote is so insightful! I love it. I agree. It is the same way with whoever reads our work. Everyone gets something different out of it. Fabulous! <3

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  2. My father was a great fan of Lubbock from the banking point of view and the fact of bank holidays – so of course we all ought to be fans of his:) that was a wonderful quote will copy it out and keep – shame dad isn’t around to read it also he would have liked the man even more:)

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