Show Your World round up 14: Brunei, South Africa, Poland, China, USA, UK!

Today I will be posting photos and links to all the blogs that linked up to Show Your World in November. I would also like to draw your attention that starting from December we will be co-hosting this event together with Girl Gone London – more details here!

Now back to business – wonderful stories about beautiful places:

  1. Read a story about ‘The Empire Hotel and Country Club, High Tea on the Shores of the South China Sea’ in Brunei by Ersatz Expat:


2. Follow wonderful South African adventures of Clara Wiggins in ‘The Cape Town posts#2 – Penguins, whales and other creatures’:


3. KidGlobetrotter shares very interesting info about Polish ‘Wieliczka – A Salt Mine You’ve Never Seen Before’:


4. Steph will be taking us to ‘Temple of Peace and Tranquility’ in Shanghai:


5. Travel till ‘The end of the road, Santa Monica Pier’ in US together with Expedition Hobo:


And, in case you missed it, here’s my declaration of love to Regents Park in London:

LeftOvers 188

Thank you all for sharing your stories on Show Your World! Now I’m off to share everything on my social media and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again next month – don’t forget to read about change of rules!

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