Show Your World – Regents Park

Seeing that it’s an anniversary month on my blog, I wanted to choose a special place to share with you for my Show Your World monthly link up and Regents Park seems to suit this requirement perfectly.

My expat journey began 15 years ago in this park. I was enrolled to attend Business English courses, which took place in Regents University. A year later and I started a Business program in that same university, situated right inside the Inner Circle in Regents Park. To tell you that I liked my uni would be an understatement – I loved it! Imagine walking to your lectures through one of the most beautiful parks in London. That would surely lift your mood up, no matter what the weather’s like!


Of course, Regents University (although, totally awesome) is not the only reason to visit Regents Park! I’ve already written here about Open Air Theatre, located within Inner Circle. If you have a free evening in London and the weather is nice, grab your chance to experience a magical evening of Shakespeare under the stars!

Queen Mary’s rose garden and London Zoo are also located in Regents park – those deserve separate posts in their own right as there’s just too much to tell.

Primrose Hill is situated in the Northern part of Regents Park. It’s one of the most popular picnic locations, meaning that this green hill is covered with multicoloured blankets all over, people soaking in the sun. You can actually see most of the central London from up there.

Regents Park also reminds me of the beginning of our relationship with my husband as it was often the place, where we would go for walks, when we were still childless and carefree :)

Basically, for me, it combines good memories and beautiful scenery and I can totally recommend anyone coming to London to spare a day and explore this wonderful park!

I didn’t have as many photos as I wished, so I collaborated with Girl Gone London, American expat in UK, and publishing here the photos that she took in Regents Park:

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  1. Congrats on the year of publishing!! I’m still a couple months away from my first year. Is this share your world a new event you are creating, or is it linked to another site? I like the idea!

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    • Thank you! I’ve been running it for a while now – you can click on Show Your World category in the menu above to see previous prompts and round ups. You’re more than welcome to participate ;)


  2. I love Regent’s Park. The theatre is one of my favourite places, Shakespeare and Gilbert & Sullivan seem to be particularly suited to it.

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  3. A little late to this, but I didn’t realize you studied at Regents University! My boyfriend has events there a lot and I beg to go with him every single time because spending a weekend in Regent’s Park seems magical. What a great place to have those memories.

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