Some of the great posts I liked in September

I like how some bloggers make a round up on their blogs of posts that they read, liked and wanted to share with others. For example, TCK Goes Home does a monthly round up and A Momma’s View – a weekly one. It would be pushing to my limit now, if I tried to post weekly round ups, but I’m pretty confident that I can manage a monthly one :) Here’re some of the great posts that I liked in September:

TCK Goes HomeHow to rock at being the new kids at school

Fingers crossed, my daughter will be able to find new friends at school after we relocate. That’s great advice for TCK kids out there!

A Momma’s ViewA Promise

Can believing people’s promises be called a ‘bad habit”?

The Expat Partner’s Survival GuideExpat Friends: finding my support system

How can you meet people, when you’re an expat in a new country?

Diapers and tutus The Mean Girls in Kindergarten

What can we do, if bullying starts in kindergarten?

Amanda Afield – The Expat Partner and the Career : Reflections on Quitting and Restarting My Career

What’s it like to find your way back into the working life in a new country?

There’re obviously many more wonderful posts out there and I’ll definitely continue sharing different blogs with you in October!


  1. Hi, thanks a lot for the mention and sharing my post! :) I hope you enjoy doing these monthly roundups. You’ll discover so many great articles & blog posts during the process!

    Have a good one!

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