‘Relocation with Kids Tips’ section on Tiny Expats

If you're planning a relocation with kids, now you can find a useful tips section for moving abroad with children on Tiny Expats! During the past year, I’ve written a number of info posts about planning a move abroad with children. I decided to collect them all in one place, so they would be easier to find.

You can see now a ‘Relocation with Kids Tips’ section in the main menu. I will be adding more posts to this category in the future.

I’m also open for collaborations, guest posts and interviews – if you have an interesting idea, let me know!


  1. Great idea to have a section on relocating but please include information on what can happen if things go wrong as it’s so important to plan in advance and avoid trauma later. Hague Convention / habitual residence / change of jurisdiction all will impact your kids in worst case scenarios. We try to help and offer a free draft pre-emigration contract as well as support to those affected. Happy to provide more details and/or write more for you on this topic! Anita

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    • Wonderful advice, Anita! I will be happy to feature your guest post on this topic in Relocation with Kids Tips section! You can send it to me to tinyexpats@gmail.com with an image or two and the link to a relevant page on your site!


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