Coming up on Tiny Expats in October

Another month has gone by and I’m still alone with our two tiny expats in Czech Republic, while my husband is already quite settled in in UK. Relocation updates – none. I’m still waiting for a visa, so no dates are set and the last part of the move is all uncertain. If (fingers crossed) I get my visa in October, then you will find a bunch of posts following packing, shipping and travelling to UK. However, even if none of that happens this month, I still have quite a lot of interesting reading material coming up for you!

First things first – don’t forget about Show Your World blog event/ linkup party! As usual, I’m posting a prompt story on the 1st Friday of a month (2nd of October!) and you can link up your posts about any beautiful place you’d like to tell us about (new post or old doesn’t matter, as long as it fits the theme and has a ShowYourWorld badge on it). My October story will be about the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. On the 3rd Friday of a month (16th of October), I will post a round up featuring all the participating stories on the blog and my social media. Easy and fun :)

Apart from that, I have a Chinese theme going on this month:

– ‘Blending in in China’ – reminiscing about the time we lived in the industrial suburbs of Beijing
– ‘Love and hate relationship with Chinese food’
– ‘Safari park in Shanghai’ – my sister just had her birthday (happy birthday, sis!) and celebrated it by visiting this safari park – her notes and photos of this cool place

As you noticed in September, I decided to do a round up of other bloggers’ posts I liked during the month. I’ll be posting another round up again in the end of October.

If you’re on Instagram and we’re not connected there yet – pop over to @tinyexpats. I’m doing FollowFriday thingy there, sharing with you my favourite accounts each Friday – another great way to find interesting people of Instgram.

In between, I’ll be ambushing you with some random thoughts and ramblings of a tired (yet awesome!) mother. You’ve got to forgive me for this – I really need an outlet right now. Plus, the blog is called Tiny Expats, so you might as well get a closer look at what it means living with those two (often) adorable darlings.


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