Tiny Expat’s birthday party

It was our oldest daughter’s 6th birthday last Saturday. A completely grown up young lady, if you ask her opinion about it. Of course, she would always be a baby to me, but sometimes she just does something that makes me realise that time, indeed, passes and she grows up pretty fast. Just a day before her birthday she gave me a surprisingly encouraging speech. “You know, who I see in front of me? A very brave and patient mother. So chin up! Everything will be great!”. Exactly in those words. I was shocked. But the speech helped.

Last year we didn’t have a big party for her birthday as we still didn’t know many people in Pardubice, so instead we went for a long weekend to Prague (you can read about it here and here). But a year went by and we had a lot of friends, who we wanted to invite to the birthday party. We had quite an international bunch of guests – English, Australian, French, Slovak and Czech, of course. I think, it worked out pretty well :)

Taking into account that my husband is in UK and she wanted a big party, I had to find a way of organising something fun without too much effort on my side (seriously, two kids, I’m alone, baking and hosting a party at home did not seem like a realistic plan). Baloon Cafe in Pardubice was just what I needed and here’s why.

I’ve already mentioned this place in my Pardubice Directory before, as we thought it was a great option for letting your kids run wild, when the weather’s not so nice. They renovated during this summer, so it’s very fresh and nicely done inside. Now that we tried their birthday party services and I can review those as well.

I came a week in advance to discuss our wishes with the manager, who was very friendly and spoke English (note to expats!). We arranged a party table for kids, a table for adults with snacks and refreshments. Balloons, decorations, party items. You don’t really need to think much in terms of entertainment for the kids as they are perfectly happy running around and climbing in the indoor labyrinth, but I arranged for someone to come to paint their faces as well and it was a hit among older kids (we also had a bunch of toddlers with us, who did not really care about it :)

I ordered birthday cake through the manager as well. We just told her what type of cake we would prefer and what kind of design. My daughter’s a big fan of Japanese Manga character Cardcaptor Sakura at the moment, so she was really happy to have a Sakura cake :)

If you wish, you can also book the whole place for yourself, so that no other visitors would be allowed inside during your party. You can find more info about Baloon Cafe Pardubice on their Facebook Page.



  1. Happy birthday to your big (little) girl. :) I am always keen on having my daughters birthday parties out of the house and somewhere that I don’t have to entertain or clean up. This sounds right up my alley! :)

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