Playgrounds and playrooms

Maybe I’m mistaken and just haven’t discovered them yet, but I think there’s a lack of good playgrounds in the centre of Pardubice. I don’t mean tiny ones with a single slide or something like that, but proper big playgrounds, with a lot of climbing options, swings, proper ground cover, etc.

One of the best ones we found so far is located just behind the Afi Palace Shopping centre. There’s also an indoor playroom on the first floor of Afi for when the weather’s not on your side. You can either play there with your kid or go shopping and leave the little one behind. So far all the employees that I met there could speak at least some English.



Another playground you could visit is located in Bubenikovy Sady. There’s a big wooden ship kids can climb and slide down from. My 5-year old really likes it.


And for those cold and rainy days I’d suggest visiting Balloon cafe There’s a large climbing labyrinth where kids can go wild, while the parents are taking a much needed break with some snacks and refreshments on offer. They also arrange birthday parties here.



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