Na Staré Rybárně, Pardubice – restaurant AND playground

If you get a restaurant and a great playground right next to it – what’s not to like? Recently, it’s been the main criteria for us while choosing a place for going out with the kids. Na Staré Rybárně (‘at the old fishing place’) is a restaurant serving beef stakes and burgers, located right by a lake in a park. You can actually go fishing in this lake, Czech law stating that you cannot take out more than two fish a day. Every time we went there, there were always fisherman sitting quietly with their fishing rods along the shores of that small lake.

You can let your kids play monkeys on a playground right next to Rybarna and then later on you can take a sort walk in the park, getting to another playground with a large wooden ship they can climb on to (you can read more about Pardubice playgrounds here).

For more information on the menu and the contact details of Na Staré Rybárně, please, visit their website.

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