St Patrick – Irish restaurant in Pardubice

I haven’t added anything to my Pardubice Directory for quite some time now and I’m going to try and catch up. First of all, another place for eating out. St Patrick – it’s Irish, it’s a bar, a restaurant and, most importantly for those of you who moved to Pardubice with tiny expats, it’s also family friendly.

It has beer taps straight on the tables for adults and a play area for kids. When it’s warm, you can have your meal outside – there’s a terrace in front of the restaurant and a beer garden behind it (best thing about that beer garden is a playground, which actually allowed us some free time to quickly consume our food, while kids were busy trying to fall off things).

I would not call the food served in St. Patrick healthy at all (crispy bacon and shepherd’s pie being some of the choices), but then I don’t think it was meant to be in a traditional Irish restaurant, instead it’s wholesome and will live you completely satiated and happy. There’s a children’s menu on offer (for example, chicken or fish complimented with fries). You can ask for an English menu and most of the staff speak English well enough.

If you feel like visiting St. Patrick, you can get more details about this place on their website.



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