A trip to Prague with tiny expats

There’s already so much written about Prague and you can find a lot of info and photos of this city online, so I’ll just keep it short – it’s absolutely beautiful! Winter is already on our door step and I decided to warm you up with some photos of a sunny indian summer in Prague.


We went to Prague in the beginning of September for 5 days with our girls and my sister. There’re tons of different interesting sights to see, but planning a trip with small kids is always slightly more complicated. Kids get tired faster (and when they’re tired they become very very unhappy with anything and everything); they often don’t really care in what century that particular building was built and renovated; they might not be able to silently ignore inconveniences of navigating very crowded streets; if you stop for lunch – not all the places would be suitable for you either; and so on and so forth. So here’s how we tried to enjoy Prague with 5- and 1-year old kids.

As usual, we found an apartment for us to stay in – so far I found it the most comfortable option and most of the times it works out cheaper than a suite or two rooms in a hotel. This time we stayed at the Aparthotel Angel. It’s a bit further away from the historic centre, but we came by car, so it was just a five minute drive for us. There’s also an underground station just around the corner. The apartment was simple but it had everything we needed, so overall we were quite satisfied.

There’re a lot of interesting museums for kids, for example a Toy Museum (the second largest in the world) or The Kingdom of Railway (it’s actually just next door to the Aparthotel Angel). But during our visit the weather was so nice that we decided to leave museums for the colder times of the year.

One of the most popular tourist routes is a walk from the Charles Bridge to the Staroměstské náměstí. What can I say – it’s amazing, every building you see is a masterpiece. I won’t post here all of the photos we made, so here’s just a little taste.







DSC_0463 DSC_0429    



Just a little warning – you won’t be the only ones admiring this beauty, so be prepared for a lot (and I mean A LOT) of other people coming the same way. Our kids got a bit tired of the crowd and did not really feel like stopping on the way and looking at all the fine details, so we navigated this route at a brisk pace until we reached the square itself.


One of the interesting points for your kids would be an old astronomic clock (see the picture above). There’s a display of different figurines changing and moving around, when the clock strikes. You can judge how long you’ve got to wait until the next show by the size of a crowd in front of it.

Another fun activity, which our little expats enjoyed the most in the middle of the old town, was making huge bubbles on the Staroměstské náměstí. Not sure if those guys are there every weekend, but we were definitely happy to find them as it let our kids some time to unwind.

DSC_0730 (2)

DSC_0695 (2)

On our way back from the historic centre to the parking (we left our car in the underground parking next to the theatre Narodni Divadlo just to make sure that we don’t spend ages navigating the tiny streets in search of a free parking space), we noticed that you could rent a boat on a little island nearby (it’s called Slovansky ostrov). Our little one was already asleep in a stroller, but the older daughter had a lot of fun navigating the river with us. You can actually swim around the island and it gives you a totally different but equally breathtaking perspective on the city. 

DSC_0852 (2)

DSC_0876 (2)          

DSC_0871 (2)

DSC_0905 (2)

DSC_0910 (2)

DSC_0922 (2)

Last but not least, there’s a very nice playground on another side of this little island, so the children finally had some safe space to run around after a hectic afternoon in a beautiful but crowded centre.

DSC_0934 (2)

All in all, I’d recommend visiting Prague to anyone really – there’s something interesting for families with kids, single adventurers or retired history connoisseurs. Although, what our tiny expats liked the most in Prague was the Zoo, but more about it later on… ;)


    • And you definitely should! I posted here only a tiny number of photos we made and there’s so much more we haven’t seen – it’s like a fairytale town with beautiful scenery.


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