Decorating Gingerbread with the English Playgroup Pardubice


Today tiny expats went to a Gingerbread decorating event hosted by the English Playgroup.


While I spent most of the time helping my younger one bounce on huge balls, my older daughter was well occupied by such an artistic (and tasty activity) as drawing on gingerbreads.


The rest of the time she could play with other kids who she had to communicate with in English as they (thankfully) didn’t understand Russian.


In the end we were all happy – the younger tiny expat didn’t even want to go home from all the bouncy things, the older one was high on sugar but sufficiently tired to actually fall asleep on time and I was happy that I didn’t have to think how to keep them occupied this evening. Thank you to Zuzka, Bara, Rita and everyone else involved :)

IMG_7711 IMG_7710

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