Next stage of our move to UK – 1 gone, 3 to go

So here’s an update on our move to UK – we just said goodbye to my husband and he is off to settle down in our new destination, where he’s about to start his new job. This leaves 1 adult (me) with 2 kids for about 2 months alone. I’m not sure I like this math too much.

I think, this is the part of relocation, which I hate the most. We managed to move together at the same time to Germany, China and Russia, but I also had to stay behind with the kids in Moscow for a month, while my husband prepared the landing ground for us in Czech Republic. Anyways, this situation couldn’t be helped. First of all, we still haven’t sorted out housing situation. For now, my husband will be staying in a serviced apartment, waiting for the rental adventure to finally unravel and (hopefully) bring us a house, where we will be able to live in at least for a year. Second, I still haven’t even applied for a visa as I can’t do this without having a permanent address in UK. So off he went, with a huge list of things to do, and I’m staying behind with so many worries in my mind that I’d rather blabber on my blog than face them.

My plan for now is to treat this time in CZ as a holiday – we don’t have a tight schedule now (I took my daughter out of a kindergarten in favour of English classes); it’s summer, so we can spend lots of time outside (as opposed to rainy and gloomy end of autumn, for example); the town is still lovely and has lots of places we like to go to (I will try not to forget about it, even though I’m moody and unhappy about staying behind).

As for the other part of this fun filled mid relocation period (applying for a visa, getting things ready for packing, handing back the apartment, getting loads of luggage and two kids from Pardubice via Prague to Lodnon – all by myself), I will just have to take it small steps at a time (and maybe with some occasional nervous outburst here – I bet, you’re all excited about this last bit ;).

P.S. Now that I’m stuck in this situation due to our expat lifestyle, I can’t help but think about single parents, who have to go through life with kids all by themselves on a daily basis. Huge respect. No idea, how they do it. My guess – they’re some kind of super heroes.

We reached another stage of our relocation to UK - with the husband already in UK, the 3 of us are still in CZ.



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