TinyExpats on Pinterest – are you there as well?

While browsing WordPress Reader today, I came across a post by Suzie Speaks about her Pinterest account and how she’s improving it. Hang on, I thought, I don’t even have a Pinterest account or (more importantly) have no idea how one works! You see, I made accounts for TinyExpats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but Pinterest was something I didn’t even come close to dealing with. Now, in the middle of relocation, with the husband already gone, isn’t that the perfect time to dig into yet more social networking and spend ages sorting it out? Exactly.

So here we go – TinyExpats is now on Pinterest!

Just made two boards (Travelling in Czech Republic and Travel Diary), practiced at pinning some pages, still have lots of questions. Why can’t I choose from all of the photos in the post? Some of the photos don’t show up as pins. After I made the boards and posted the pins, what on Earth should I do next? Basically, I’ve got lots of sleepless nights ahead of me as (I’ve got to confess) I’ve got a bit of obsessive compulsive going on when it comes to making things perfect.

Are you on Pinterest? If so, do let me know – here or on Pinterest. I’ll follow you back – at least, I already learnt how to do that ;)



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