Don’t miss August highlights on TinyExpats!

One thing I can say about August on TinyExpats – it will be different, that’s for sure. In three days my husband is moving to UK to start his new job and I’m staying behind with the kids, trying to sort out my visa as soon as possible. The way it looks at the moment, I would probably be still in CZ with our two girls until mid-end September.

Alone with the kids, lots of paper work to sort out, planning relocation, packing, moving. I guess, you can understand, why I decided not to set strict editorial calendar for this month.

So, what can you expect to see on TinyExpats in August?

– tales of our house hunt in Warwickshire (warning – it will be a gruesome tale of a ruthless property market with, hopefully, a happy end)

– finding a school and, most importantly, registering with one

– time before the relocation – enjoying favourite local places, almost feeling like on holidays

– surviving with the kids, while the husband is already off to prepare the landing for the family

– I’ll still try to fit in a post or two for my regular blog feature on – Expat Kids. (expat mothers out there – if you feel like sharing your story with others, let me know in the comments and I will get back to you about an interview, which could be published on Expat Kids!)

– any other story about traveling or life with kids (or traveling with kids), which I would be able to find time for (probably, after my kids go to bed and give me some quiet ‘me’ moment)

That was a very rough outline of what will be happening on TInyExpats in August, I will be happy to see you all here to share my stories!


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