Show Your World link up – Volga

Welcome to Show Your World link up! In this post I will show you photos from our trip to one of Russia’s greatest rivers and you are welcome to submit your stories about your favourite beautiful places, which I will share on my blog and social media in a round up.

Main guidelines:

– tell us about an interesting place – it can be somewhere in your home country or a destination that you visited
– instead of just giving us facts about this location, use your words to show it to us as well – the way it looks, sounds, smells, conveying its atmosphere; photos are always welcome!
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Show Your World is a monthly event – I will publish my own story every 1st Friday of a month and everybody’s welcome to link up to this post. I would collect these links and post a round up on the 3rd Friday of a month (it’s 17th of July this time), sharing all the links and short descriptions of submitted stories. I will also share the links and images on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Please, let me know your social network names, if you want me to tag you.

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Now that we’re all clear on the rules, I will show you one of my favourite places and I’m looking forward to reading more about yours!

When our older daughter was 3 years old and the younger one just about 4 months, we went to visit our friends who lived nearby one of the greatest rivers in Russia and one of the largest in the world – Volga. Actually, the place where we stayed was right by the Kuybyshev Reservoir, the third largest fresh water reservoir in the world. When you are looking at it, you really don’t feel like you’re standing by a river, as it’s so huge, but also very calm (although, we’ve been told, storms can be very unpredictable.

We stayed in a bungalow in a holiday park, which was perfect, as our older daughter could just run around the territory and the pine trees gave enough shade to make the heat bearable. Our kids God mother took them to a yacht club and arranged a yacht ride, which was definitely a highlight of the journey as our older daughter totally imagined that she’s a pirate (the younger one just slept most of the way).

Russia is vast and I’ve only visited a couple of places there. Where should I find enough time to visit everything that I want? :)

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P.S. I’ll be away this weekend (3rd-6th July), in case there’s any trouble or questions – I’ll deal with it all as soon as I’m back!


  1. Looks like a great place… With the perfect weather!
    Showing “my” world is a bit of a challenge nowadays, as we are inbetween moves.. Sometimes I consider Asia as my world; sometimes it’s definitely.. Paris! the expat dilemma I guess ;) Here s my take for this month:

    Thanks again dear for initiating this challenge! Great way to travel and meet new friends :) Are you almost done with packing now?

    Liked by 1 person

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