Don’t miss July highlights on TinyExpats!

July schedule will be different to what I usually planned for TinyExpats in the past. As some of you may know, we’re arranging a move to UK. Although, there’re still a couple of months left till the move itself, there’s just so much to be done already! So, I decided that I will not commit to a tight schedule on my blog and will post, mainly, when I have time (I have enough of deadlines as it is, at the moment).

One of the regular features, which I will be sticking to – my blog event, Show Your World. I will be posting a prompt this Friday, on the 3rd of July, and you are all welcome to link up your stories about beautiful places around the world, if you want me to share them in a round up in two weeks, on the 17th of July, on my blog and social media.

If you wish to receive a reminder on Twitter on the day the link up opens, leave your Twitter name in the comments!

I will also continue writing for my Expat Kids section on My posts there are published every 2nd and 4th Friday of a month. If you’re an expat and have kids, let me know and I can contact you for an interview, which will be featured on Expat Kids!

As for my other series (Hidden Gems, Travel Diary, Trailing Spouse Stories and Family Affair), I will be getting back to them in the future, but for now – I will be posting more about our relocation plans. To make it easier for you to follow our journey from CZ to UK, I made a separate section on my blog, TinyExpats Moving to UK, I will be collecting all the related posts there.

Also, don’t forget that I have a Guest Blogger section, so if you feel like contributing to TinyExpats – also let me know!

Wishing you all a fun July :)



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