Aqua Palace and Fun Park in Prague – a treat for tiny expats

To say that the weather can be unpredictable in spring is to put it mildly. Just yesterday we went to a funfair in Kutna Hora (sun shining brightly) just to be caught in a snow storm (!) 10 minutes later. If you are looking for a place, where you can take your kids, no matter the weather conditions, I know of a couple of great ones in Prague. What’s even better – they are situated right next to each other, so you can combine them into a fun filled weekend, which is just what we did recently.

Aquapalace Prague is a wonderful place to visit for several reasons:

– it’s Central Europe’s largest covered aqua park, with loads of various swimming pools, water slides, spa and wellness services on offer; our daughters had a blast and, as there were so many fun activities to keep them busy, my husband and I had quite a relaxing time;

– it is situated just outside Prague, with a free of charge shuttle bus taking you to the nearest underground station in a matter of minutes; even easier, if you came by car;

– you can stay in the adjacent 4 star hotel (very reasonably priced, clean and cosy) and go for a swim without even going outside (in case of another random snow storm); there’s a great option with a double decker bed for a family with two kids – this bed alone had our girls occupied with endless games during the time we were not out swimming;

– there’re large shopping centres around, should you need to buy any favourite food for your kids; although the breakfast we had there was great, we chose not to eat in the hotel during lunch and dinner, but eating out was not a problem with so many options nearby;

– in case you get tired of swimming, you can always go to an indoor fun park for a change – Funpark Zirafa is just a two minute drive or a short walk away from the hotel, more about it below

So overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend in the Aquapalace Prague and we didn’t even notice those cold winds blowing outside – can totally recommend this place for families with kids! Find more information about the aqua park and the hotel (and have a look at the photos – I did not bother taking my phone there for fear of drowning it) on their website.

Funpark Zirafa was another favourite of our girls – lot’s of various swings and toys for small kids and.. (wait for it).. the largest monkey bars in Europe! 2,000 cubic meters – enough for a large crowd of kids to get lost there for ages. I’m not sure what it is about those biggest/largest records in Czech Republic, but I happen to find lots of those here.

When your kids finally get tired enough to sit down and eat, there’s a great pizza place with real oven pizza waiting for you right there. So have a break, charge up and off they go into the depth of the monkey bar labyrinth, leaving the parents chilling – sounds like a good strategy?

You can find more details of Zirafa fun park on their website.

And if the weather is actually nice, check out what you could do outdoor with the kids in Prague!


    • Thank you! I love Czech Republic in particular, because it’s so small and everything seems nearby – which is especially important when you have two small kids with serious lack of patience :)


  1. I’m very jealous – what we would have done for this in St Lucia when ours were younger! We loved all the children’s activities when we came home to the UK. Now we’re moving to South Africa I am glad they are that bit older because I think there will be plenty for their age group, with sports and safaris and snorkelling and things like zip-lining….

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