Bat-Yam promenade, Israel

Following the Easter theme, Hidden Gems will take you to Israel. Of course, Jerusalem could hardly be called ‘hidden’, so let’s go to a smaller city, where you could have a wonderful time – Bat-Yam.

Bat-Yam is located nearby large historical cities. It takes about 10 minutes by bus to Jaffa and 20 minutes to Tel-Aviv. The story about it was sent to me by a fellow blogger and a photographer, Oxana Ruban. She just came back from there and highly recommends Bat-Yam promenade. For a city, which was built less than a century ago in a desert, it’s really green and strolls on the beach are made even more enjoyable by the breeze. This promenade is favoured by young and old, a place for sun bathing, dancing, table games or quiet contemplation. If you have time, you can even walk along the sea shore all the way to Jaffa.

Oxana already contributed previously to TinyExpats by participating in my Greetings From Afar project. If you haven’t seen her brilliant photos of Moscow’s Red Square and Tsaritsyno, you should definitely check them out!

You can find more photos by Oxana on her blog, Facebook or Instagram (@stenaleonardo).


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