Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Alexander Pushkin

Another week, another Writer’s Quote Wednesday, event hosted by Silver Threading! Did you know that this week is Maslenitsa? It’s a Russian festival, celebrating the end of winter, the beginning of spring and it is also the last week before the Great Lent for Orthodox Christians. I usually make my quotes for this event handwritten, but this week I wanted to combine the words with an image to help you feel the atmosphere:

Maslenitsa by Boris Kustodiev, 1919

“Maslenitsa by Boris Kustodiev, 1919”

I found a quote, which is perfect for the season – it was written by Alexander Pushkin in Eugene Onegin. “Butterweek” mentioned in this verse is another name for Maslenitsa. During the last week before Lent, it is already forbidden to eat meet, but people can still eat diary products – milk and butter. Another must have for Maslenitsa are Russian pancakes or bliny – they symbolise the sun of the coming spring. The painting of a Russian artist Boris Kustodiev depicts Maslenitsa celebrations, lasting all week.

I’m thinking of writing about the way we celebrated Maslenitsa in Moscow last year, but I wasn’t sure how soon I would have this post ready, so decided to use Writer’s Quote Event to remind you that you can join the fun and make pancakes all week ;)



  1. I loved this quote and how you incorporated Lent and the Russian meaning! Well done. How inspiring you are. Thanks for sharing this. <3

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