gallery 5 ways growing up in the Philippines is ruining my children’s lives

Here’s another expat mother writing on how being expats effects her kids – both challenging and rewarding. Read more opinions on this topic in Tiny Travellers.

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2014 Maelles beachdancelr

Early January: The compulsory ritual of the screening of the passing year, what we did well and what we could do better.

Expatriating your family is a selfish choice: You are dragging your kids in countries they have not chosen, they must make new friends, learn new ways of life. After almost a year in Cebu, I am wondering: Is Philippines a Wise choice for my Attilas ? or should we consider heading back to Europe ?

  1. They are losing their « Europeanitude».

Those poor kids have no idea of what Autumn means, its colors, its tastes, the warmth of its pashminas. Here in the Philippines, there is no season: It’s either hot and dry. Or hot and humid.

Options are limited : the Attilas can only play by the beach, explore the sea life and know how to swim like fishes before they they can walk or do a bit of…

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